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Entry for June 04, 2006

ImageImageImage     Hi Guys and Girlies - Well I'm back from my short trip overseas, and have re-launched my web-site - www.miss-denise.com with a new style front-page which I hope you like. It means that you can get straight to the action - such as photos, blog and links without going through too many other menu pages. It also takes you directly to my blog pages for the first time so please enjoy!

I just love to receive your messages, comments and proposals so please keep mailing me. It's also been a great week for my video music on Google, which reached 80,000 video plays since Feb 2006 - So roll on 100,000 which I hope to reach in a couple more months. I'm still wondering who my fans are, so please write or comment if you enjoy my videos. I promise that as soon as I reach 100k plays, I'll practice and record some more well known classical music on piano and organ - Of course fully seductively "en femme"..... and I just can't wait to go shopping in those August Sales in London to buy some new erotic girlie  fashions - Wow!

Warm Hugs  and Sweet Kisses from your On-Line Musical DIVA - Miss-Denise XXX

By the way, my musical suggestion for today is my Pachelbel Recording in Scottish Tartan Mini-Kilt, together with a selection of Scottish Landscape Pics from my Hikes in the Highlands! http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2371019248217288      Technorati Profile ImageImageImage

2006-06-04 20:06:42 GMT
Comments (2 total)
Your musical suggestion is my all-time favourite and I could listen to it for hours, seeing the wonderful Scottish mountains and a beautiful highland lass playing Pachelbel...
2006-06-07 16:38:19 GMT
that dress is just perfect on you - lovely color and your make-up is just perfect to go with the perfect body - go girl
2006-06-14 20:52:28 GMT
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