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Entry for May 07, 2006

ImageImageImageWell today I'm going to continue my true life stories with a another early event which helped to shape my sensitive feminine personality!...

...As you may know, I live just a few miles north of Central London, UK, and I was alone at home one-day, fully dressed as Denise, when suddenly the door-bell rings. No one is expected, so I let the door ring, and besides which - I knew that the door was double locked with a mortice to avoid any unexpected intruders for Miss Denise....

....However, the ringing continues, and then there is a shout - ANYONE AT HOME! - so I keep real quiet. Then "horror of horrors" I hear a key turning in the lock, and then the large mortice key is turning.............when suddenly I realize too late my mistake !

Tuesday morning is when my "home-help" comes to clean the house!....and she has a full set of keys! - ANYONE AT HOME - she cries. and I respond - "No, its only me - in my male voice - but she continues - but it doesn't sound like you!.......

....So the battle is lost - I started to walk down the stairs - Fully Miss Denise and Fully Fem, and hope that she is not too shocked!...........But she mature lady looks up afrom the bottom of the stairs nd seems to accept the confusing situation, and makes a hasty retreat, deciding that further confrontation or discussion is probably futile!

However, this gives me an idea - Let's drive down to Central London - I'm fully fem, and really quite respectable!........so I get my pink carry-all shopping bag, get into the car, and drive "down town". I'm actually wearing that SAME purple stripped mini-skirt that I wore to Cannes (unfortunately no more - since it disappeared in one of my wardrobe purges)..............so I find a public underground car-park near to Oxford Street, and have a really great afternoon shopping in stores such as Selfridges where I buy nearly all my Wolford Tights (like those in the web-site photos)..

......My main memory is still of queuing for the automatic ticket machine!.........There was a young couple in front, and several guys behind ........and my striped mini-skirt still had that extra 1" slit from the accident in getting on the French train ......so if you were VERY observant, you could catch sight of those white suspenders and lacy panties, as I waddled forward, carrying new lacy lingerie, luxurious Wolford Tights and cosmetics, in my red open-toed heels  to pay for my 4 hours of parking....

.....Still, I was overcome by the upsets and surprises of the morning revelations, and so  on her next visit I gave the "home help" a big boxes of chocolates, and special £20  bonus - and she never revealed anything to my friends or neighbours - as if she  had never seen mini-skirted Denise on that surprising encounter  on the staircase at home! Of course maybe she's reading this  blog right now in which case she'll well remember our eyes meeting at this early adrenelin pumping event !!!...

...My lesson from the event was to be more adventurous as Miss Denise, and not to worry about others my think - Just enjoy yourself, and try to make others happy, and simply avoid those who are prejudiced against the wonderful worldwide transgendered community! Image

Hugs and Kisses from your TV Blog Mistress - Miss-Denise XXX - www.miss-denise.com

P.S. - Check-out http://www.miss-denise.com/photo3502.html for some rapid colourful fashion changes - I'm wearing my rubberised figure-hugging mini-dress, tight body corset and knee-length leather coat for this late evening outing by train around 5 years ago...


2006-05-07 16:50:18 GMT
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Oh darling,

what a lovely story again, I wish I stood behind you when you were about to pay for your four hours of parking *lol*...

And I wonder what your home-help had thought when she saw you in your full beauty! I fortunately avoided a similar situation three weeks ago, still in hospital, when the night nurse mistook my room for another and stood there with a medicine shortly after 9 pm, and I was about to become Silke. I reached my bathroom in the speed of a lightning, pretending I was naked (which I wasn't at all, on the contrary, I wore such beautiful tights and fine lingerie) and on my way to the showers. Had she made three more steps into my room, it probably would have been not so good for her heart *ggg*

And you are wearing Wolford tights, darling, you are spoiling yourself... I am always too shocked about their price, and even lost when bidding on them at Ebay, but perhaps I should spoil myself a little bit as well.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us!


2006-05-07 22:07:20 GMT
2006-05-20 02:59:27 GMT
sweety i love your look let me know if you are ever in philly ...let's hook up....shelby
2006-06-01 14:49:09 GMT
what wa wonderful story thanks denise ..

davida just east of wash. dc usa
2006-08-23 15:21:25 GMT
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