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Entry for May 04, 2006

ImageImageImage One of my favourite true life stories is when Miss Denise first went out "en-femme"  in her beloved England.  This was to be my first REAL trip fully dressed as Denise, around 25 years ago. I was staying in a hotel near the centre of Bradford over the weekend and had taken Denise's wardrobe of dresses, skirts, lingerie and make-up..........Saturday was the day when the shopping centre was busy with shoppers - Who'd notice Miss Denise ! - After shaving my legs silky smooth, applying creamy foundation, make-up and false eye-lashes, I was ready!

........Now fully dressed and fortified by a couple of glasses of red Rioja wine, I opened the hotel room door and cautiously moved into the corridor - ALL CLEAR! - Then down the majestic spiral staircase on my 3"  high heeled open-toe sandals,  stockings,  frilly suspenders and purple basque......and out of the hotel by the back entrance. It was raining, so I opened up my pretty pink umbrella and moved into the lunchtime shoppers. Then across the road, stepping out in my flared blue skirt, and hi-heeled sandals. I was aiming to reach the nearby covered shopping mall without incident, but Denise was feeling great. Into Marks and Spencers to check-out the new ranges of ladies corsets and underwear - I choose a new tight lacy full length corset and move to the check-out......Take 25 Pounds from my purse - with the sales girls checking my bright red nail varnish and matching lipstick.........but the white lacy corset was now mine.

......With this success, I move to the newsagent and buy a monthly ladies magazine - Cosmopolitan - just to get the feeling of being real fem! I move to Littlewoods and try on some bright red hi-heels, but nerves get the better of me, and I decide to escape back to the sanctuary of the hotel room!

......So back across the busy highway, to the entrance of the hotel - BUT..........the lobby is full! - Since I left, a large wedding reception party has moved in and occupied the bar, and is swarming around and up MY staircase - So I adopt my best fem body language and totter up the staircase trying to avoid the gaze of some over-sexed handsome and well dressed young men - "hot on hormones and beer" - who seem to be trying to catch a glimpse of my suspenders and purple panties as I ascend the spiral staircase up to my 1st floor room!...

........But, finally - key in the door and I am back in my cosy room after my first public appearance as Miss Denise -  Still shaking and perspiring with massive excitement, I quickly open another bottle of Rioja Red Wine, and slip into my new full length corset in celebration of my success ! - Maybe I should have invited one of those handsome guys to join me ?!  Image

Warm Hugs and Wet Kisses from your TV Blog Mistress - Miss Denise - www.miss-denise.com ImageImageImage

P.S. Remember to play my personal Video Message : www.miss-denise.com/Welcome-to-Miss-Denise-Com.wmv  and then check-out my Classic and Jazz Music Videos - They've been really "hot" on Google Video this year (especially my version of Pachelbel's Canon for Electronic Organ) and have now been played more than 53,000 times! - So a really SPECIAL Thanx to my many Fans and Admirers! XXX - I'm planning to record more music videos later this year Image

2006-05-04 14:36:39 GMT
Comments (2 total)
What a lovely story, Miss Denise, I read it with heartbeat! And yes, you should have asked one of the young guys to help you, English men are so gentlemanlike...


2006-05-04 15:42:13 GMT
I would have been in like a shot!!
2006-05-04 15:43:20 GMT
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