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Entry for April 29, 2006

ImageImageImage I know that many of you like "going out" en femme, so I published a few of my early adventures on my web-site. One of my favourite true stories is when I first went out in the South of France during the late 1980's and travelled my train to Cannes on the famous French Riviera, and home of the Cannes Film Festival. ..

... So I get up at 8am, get dressed, quick breakfast, and out of the apartment to the street - The station was around 5 minutes walk, and as I cross the road, I hear a loud admiring "wolf whistle" from some workmen on a nearby construction site - I guess that my new French purple stripped mini skirt and jacket meets with their approval - So with this initial inspiration, I walk down to the station, buying the ticket from an automatic machine on the platform - The platform is full, and I keep my distance, walking to one end away from the hustle bustle of families, businessmen and children, although, I notice many observing glances from the men!

...The coastal stopping train rattles in to the platform, and as I move to get into the last compartment, I hear my tight skirt rip at the back - around 1" ........For those of you in France will know that the French platforms are usually much lower than the train compartments - But, nevertheless, the damage is minimal. I decide to go to the toilet to find a mirror to examine my make-up.....I'm shocked to find that my shaving was NOT perfect - still some "almost visible" male whiskers - but too late now to do anything - I was en-route to Cannes!

.......Coming into the station, Cannes station is packed with tourists, they seem to be more interested in find a seat on the train, than with Miss-Denise who steps down more carefully on to the platform. Down the steps, and through the station tunnel walkway, and out to the Rue d'Antibes, and all those famous French Fashion shops. First stop is the Department Store - Dames de France - which sells everything that a real T* girl could desire! So I start with checking out the small lacy French panties, and go right ahead buying 2 pairs, making some small mutterings in French in Denise's fem voice to the much bemused assistant who has seen it all in Cannes!..........and then off to the next store that has a great selection of corsets, bras and lingerie at low prices - So I grab a supermarket basket, and find the tights white corset (REALLY firm control!), and then try to translate all the bra sizes from French to UK.......all the time remembering to think Miss-Denise! - Think fem body language, and don't make any sudden strong male movements!......So after deciding that 36C (my size) was something like 80C (French Size), and take a couple of satin, uplift wired bras, some blonde hair-dye, bleach, mirror......until the basket is quite full - this was to be a real field day for Miss-Denise!....

.......Place the basket on the checkout, trying to keep real cool, as I play nervously with my purse, and check that my red nail varnish hasn't cracked yet!...Well the cost is around 600FF (60 Pounds - OK!)......and I stuff all the booty into my pink carry-all bag - I used this on all my trips, and into the Rue D'antibes......But feeling aroused ......especially those REALLY tight control white lacy panty corsets.....I trip over the high pavement, and drop my Handbag - the Christian Dior perfume bottle somehow breaks, and there is glass all over the pavement......Time for a hasty getaway, and back to the station.....

......The automatic ticket machine is broken down (C'est dommage!)............so I decide to risk the journey without a ticket. I sit for 10 minutes on the station bench watching them, watching me, but without any consequence - no proposals, and no contact with the tourists who presume that I am a French madame doing her morning shopping for the family!.....

...The train rolls in, and I find myself in a 1st class apartment that is totally full - A gentleman kindly offers me his seat! - which I have to graciously accept, so I sit down, and hide behind an "Elle" magazine that I took along for precisely such as occasion.......but I can feel those male "X ray" eyes moving up my legs (you've all seen the photos), and under my purple striped mini-skirt, and I really feel quite naked as I consider that gentleman's erotic thoughts for the next 10 minutes until I reach my station - I get up slowly - VERY fem, keeping my legs together, making sure that no-one saw my white panties - especially that kind young gentleman. And so I step down (careful now) on to the platform, and walk slowly back - now with great confidence, feeling MORE Denise, and MORE fem with every step as I move up the steps to my apartment.....

..........So Cannes is a really cool town for T*girls.....it's recommended!

Warm Hugs and Wet Kisses from your TV Blog Mistress - Miss-Denise - www.miss-denise.com

P.S. For today's music I'd recommend my Alpine Variations on Pachelbel's Canon in which I've edited in many of my alpine climbing photos from over the years : http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3282535525085597319 - Click and Enjoy !

2006-04-29 16:25:25 GMT
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Oh dear Denise,

how I envy you, I envy you endlessly. Et les messieurs de la France, ils sont tellement gentils... What a pity for the broken bottle of Christian Dior, but what a lovely smell you left behind *ggg*

Oh how I'd wish to have been by your side there...


2006-05-02 09:39:18 GMT
good story very nice music piece sems ive heard it before at weddings waiting for the croud to assemble and be seated. smiles .. davida
2006-08-23 15:51:53 GMT
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