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Entry for April 28, 2006

ImageImageImage I just love wild places like the famous Grand Canyon at sunset from Hopi Point - April 6th 2006 - just 24 hours after a cold blizzard left deep snow drifts over the South and North Rims! I promised to tell you more about my first white ladies corset. Well I bought it home but really wanted to make a video. Remember this was more than 20 years ago, and I had access to an industrial sized - full format video - in the office that I worked. So the following Sunday, I took the lift up to the 3rd floor to the video storage cupboard and got everything ready. With great excitement I rolled on my M&S full body corset, and switched on the video ready for filming...

....But there was another noise - Someone else was coming up to the 3rd floor, and now walking up the corridor. "Is anyone there"? - I was horrified. I locked the storage cupboard from the inside and switched off the video. "It's OK" - I replied - I'm just checking out the new video camera!!! I understood that it was Peter who had come in to use the new hi-tech "Word Processor" - They had 12inch floppy discs in those days!  So I quietly put my shirt and trousers back - over my lacy body corset, unlocked the door and crept like a mouse down the corridor whilst Peter was actively booting up the Word Processor.  As the swing doors closed - I hailed a "Bye Peter" - Have a great Sunday evening"! - and then rushed down the stairs and made my escape! - Heart beating - Adrenelin Pumping! To this day I can only imagine what Peter was thinking - I guess he came to the conclusion that I had a girl in the cupboard for a hot video session, but on the other hand, perhaps he is a tranny too and reading this blog!...

....So as a golden rule - Never Dress up secretly in your office - Even on Sunday afternoon!

For today's music I've selected my Bach's 4th Short Prelude - which I perform in my pink micro-skirt - Enjoy! - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8999609634733277818 

Hugs and Kisses from your TV Blog Mistress - Denise - www.miss-denise.com   ImageImageImage 



2006-04-28 11:41:35 GMT
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