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Entry for April 26, 2006

ImageImageImage Well I promised to tell you some true life stories, so here is the tale of how I bought and came to wear my very first white lacy corset nearly 20 years ago! I was cycling from Lincoln to Huntingdon in Eastern England on a long ride to get fit, and to develop my leg muscles and upper thighs Image  It was a hot summer afternoon, so I decided to stop in the beautiful cathedral city of Peterborough. I parked my bike near Marks and Spencers Department Store and ventured inside wearing only cycling shorts and T-Shirt. ..

...On display were those sexy virgin white, and body tight, ladies' corsets - I just had to buy one!  So I chose the tightest size, and largest bust - 34C - and off to the checkout desk. Lots of strange glances from the middle-aged assistant! - Why does a cyclist need to buy a ladies' corset - He must be queer! - Anyway back to the bike where the corset package goes "pride of place" in the front shopping pannier basket, and off I cycle home to Huntingdon! Stay tuned tomorrow, and I'll tell you my adventure when I first dared to video myself wearing the new white corsets using a vintage "full format" video camera!

For today's music I've selected my variations on the "Icelandic Blues" which I perform on electronic piano wearing my favourite wedding dress! This video is currently number 8 in my Google Top 30 Video Chart Image . So just click here to play : http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4491678908219609554 

Many more Warm Hugs and Wet Kisses from your Blog Mistress - Miss-Denise - www.miss-denise.com  ImageImageImage

2006-04-26 16:26:47 GMT
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Oh dearie,

what a wonderful story and what a lovely picture!!! You know, you are such a cutie, besides being a very caring and wonderful girlfriend! It's not only your great looks, you know, it's your lovely female attitude.

Two days ago, I bought me a wonderful miniskirt and a dream of a pair of shoes in Piet Mondriaan style, and nobody cared or looked ar me wondering what I'd do with them. Usually, shop assistants do care more about the correct change to a 20-Euro-banknote than about their customer's choices. That makes me feel quite safe when it comes to buying more delicate things like pantyhoses or lingerie or a beautiful corset like you did...

Well, what did I do with them? I went out wearing them last night, drove my car downtown and no one gave the blonde driver a queer or second look...

But wearing a wedding dress like you, oh Denise, that'd be a wonderful dream...

Hugs and kisses from
your girlfriend


2006-04-27 09:00:13 GMT
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