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Entry for April 25, 2006

ImageImageImage Well today I've been busy editing photos from my recent vacation to the US West Coast - Wow! - So many places, people and new experiences! I'll post a few of these new pics during the coming weeks.  I'm also getting some wonderful kind feedback from all you guys and girls regarding my video music recordings. It seems that many of you are keen classical music fans - I guess that many compositions bring out the romance of the feminine side in us all like the Moonlight Sonata, and Pachelbel's famous Canon that is often now the favourite choice at wedding services. ..

...So my music selection today is Bach's Organ Fantasia in G Major, which is also up in my Google Top 10 : http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7057644047351542792 .

Hugs and Kisses from your Web Mistress - Miss-Denise - www.miss-denise.com ImageImageImage


2006-04-25 18:52:22 GMT
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Hello Denise: Yes I also appreciate soothing harmonious Baroque music especially J. S. Bach, Haendel Teleman, Vivaldi and others. Am especiaslly fond of the Christmas Oratorium, The Mass in B flat and of course the Messiah and Bach Cantatae. And all that with Mt Whitney as the Background...And perhaps a naughty undertone by being only partially dressed , i.e.e in our sinfuuly silky smooth NYLON unerfashions and of course a glass of red wine. What else can you think up, Denise?
2006-04-25 19:48:48 GMT
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