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Entry for April 24, 2006

Hi Guys and Girls - I have a divine wish to tell you today about how I started to dress as Denise.  I was only 7 or 8 years old, and often used to play "dressing-up" with my younger sister, but that day was special. I chose a beautiful pink petticoat, and my mother's hi-heels - much too large for me, but they made me feel very girlie! From that day on I had a compulsion, even an obsession,  to dress up as attractively and seductively as possible whenever I had the opportunity.  For more than 40 years I've challenged myself to become more and more beautiful as "Miss-Denise", and to pass easily in public, to go  shopping downtown,   and to bring pleasure to my many fans, admirers and lovers! - Of course only you can judge whether I've been successful Image  You'll find many more true stories of my early years going out as Denise on my web-site - www.miss-denise.com . Stayed tuned and I promise to tell you yet more true life stories in my future blogs Image

Hugs and Kisses - Miss-Denise - www.miss-denise.com

P.S. My music for today is Beethoven's Pathetique Sonata (Slow Movement):


and the photo was taken a few years ago by a good friend up at the Hilton Hotel in  Leeds before a memorable night out! Image



2006-04-24 18:47:48 GMT
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