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Entry for March 19, 2006

I've been working in my small London garden this morning - Bright sunshine and around +10C - Still cold for mid-March, but definitely warmer than the last few weeks! One of my favourite JAVA Animations is the "pink planet" which you'll find by clicking on :  www.miss-denise.com/photo4000.html  with well-known background midi-music! My dream a few years ago was to live full-time as  Miss-Denise on the "pink planet", where everyone is happily transgendered. This extremely simple animation is interactive, and you can change the speed and direction with your mouse - Now we have GoogleEarth for real to ride through the Grand Canyon or across the Himalayas!

By the way, I heard today that I was voted 10th in the 2005/2006  KTM Girl of the Year Contest - So thanks to all my friends and admirers for all your email votes!  Love, Hugs amd Sweet Tender T-Girl Kisses - Miss-Denise -  www.miss-denise.com

Today's music video clip is Bach's famous Fugue in G Major - The beautiful title photo continues the "pink" theme,  and is the flower of the "beavertail cactus" that lives in the Californian Mojave Desert - This particular cactus flower was on the desert road between Cima Summit and Kelso, running along the remote Union Pacific Railway Line.

Click for Music Video : http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7933340849187402221 

2006-03-19 14:44:08 GMT
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Congratulations, dearie,

for being awarded for your beauty. You fully deserve it, lovely English lady that your are!

Küsschen from Germany,

2006-03-19 19:56:41 GMT
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