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Lady Silke's Personal Photo Selection!

I'm really proud and delighted to publish the special selection of my photos chosen personally by my special friend - Lady Silke I know that she spent many hours making this choice during her holidays so it gives me a special thrill to know that I have such devoted friends. Thank-you so much Silke for being such a wonderful and sensitive woman and true Lady!

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With Warm Hugs and Sweet Kisses - Your Musical Transgendered Blogger - Miss-Denise

2007-06-24 17:25:57 GMT
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You are so very dear to me, my sweet girlfriend Denise, I loved so much doing it for you! And I am so glad you like it...

Hugs and kisses from your

Lady Silke

(...it was so very difficult to choose only six pictures...)
2007-06-25 14:46:01 GMT
U R A Doll!
2007-07-31 14:48:22 GMT
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