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Happy Holidays - 2006/2007
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ImageImageImage This has been a simply fantastic year, and I'd like to wish EVERYONE reading my blog a wonderful Happy Christmas and Loving New Year - 2007! Last week I reached my Quarter-Million Video-Plays in just 10 months! Incredible! - Weekly plays of "Dressed for the Classics" have reached 10,000/week, which means that every minute someone, somewhere in the world is clicking on one of Miss-Denise's Classic Music Videos. How can I thank you all? You're all such fantastic loyal and loving fans! - THANK-YOU!!! I wish you ALL a Happy and Healthy 2007, and "May all your dreams come true"!ImageImageImageImage

Tight Warm Hugs & Sweet Pink Girlie Kisses from your Musical Mistress - Denise - www.miss-denise.com

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***Click on the Google Video to play one of Bach's Chorale Preludes***
..& Click on the Photo below to go directly to my "Classical Flowers" Album!
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Sincere thanks to Kevin Holland & KTMGirls for the Fantasy Photo Frame :)
2006-12-21 15:55:51 GMT
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Merry Christmas to you, my beautiful darling, and I hope so much that Santa will not see the stunning pic of the lady in red above as he won't find time then to pass by my house...

You are such a lovely woman, an outstanding person and a true friend - thank you so much, sweet Denise.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Big hugs from

2006-12-22 09:27:24 GMT
Just listened to your canon in 'D'. Great rendition. BTW. You look par excellance!
2007-01-14 23:20:46 GMT
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