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 ImageImageImageThis afternoon I uploaded another video blog in which I talk openly about being transgendered and my first 50 years of life as Denise! I have found over the years that society, as well as businesses, tend to think of trangenderism as an undesirable disability rather than a special creative gift :) I've also encountered active discrimination in some sectors from those that should know better! More than ever, I feel that I was born 60% male and 40% female which places me in that "in between" zone of enhanced creativity and femininity! Anyway, enough about myself! - What do you guys and girls think after viewing my latest blog which is linked directly below to YouTube! Click twice ;-) ImageImageImage 

Warm  Hugs and Sweet Pink Girlie Kisses from your devoted Musical Mistress -Miss-Denise - www.miss-denise.com

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2006-11-03 16:27:32 GMT
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Thank you so very much for sharing your so wonderful story with us Denise, and for standing up for our rights. I hope that one day society will see more in us than the funny clowns of 3rd class comedy shows. People like you can help to make this dream come true.
And remember: We are many. You are not alone. Never. And I am with you. Always.


2006-11-04 20:48:04 GMT
Miss Denise:
I hope you have entred your 360 in Yahoo's "Time Capsule"! It will be opened in 2025, I think there is still time left to post an entry! I personally have five! Photo's, Personal Thoughts, Links to Sites and YOUR 360 could be submitted! Please share yourself with the future!
2006-11-08 13:11:15 GMT
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