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Entry for March 13, 2006

Here's another Video Welcome to celebrate my 7th Anniversary On-Line - March 1999 to March 2006 - www.miss-denise.com/wedding-video-intro.wmv -  How the Internet has changed my life ! - When I started fully dressing up as Miss-Denise in the 1970's there were very few TV/TS resources, just some rather seedy shemale magazines from Soho Sex Shops! It was soooh difficult to share ideas and experiences with other T-Girls, or even know if there were many "girls" like me - So thank-you Internet for making life so much richer for us girls!

Love, Hugs and Sweet Tender Kisses - Miss-Denise - www.miss-denise.com !

And please check-out my Special 7th Anniversary Page- www.miss-denise.com/seventh-anniversary.html


2006-03-13 10:23:12 GMT
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