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Dressed for the Classics
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 ImageImageImage Today I uploaded my new classical music videos to both YouTube and Google, although I guess they're the same company now! During the last 21 days I've been busy practicing and recording 21 new tracks - More than 150 minutes of tunes that I've never recorded before on video - in fact - a complete video album - as well as the bonus of a new version of Pachelbel's Canon!...Enjoy!

...You'll find one of my favourite short piano tunes embedded below - Just click on the play button and wait to be entertained, or click on the Google Video button if you wish to see me greatly enlarged on screen! Much preferred! Image

.....I also took the opportunity after the recording sessions for a series of photoshoots which you'll find recorded in the 320 new pics in the  new "mega-pic" photo galleries 35 thru 44 on www.miss-denise.comImageImageImage 

...and thanks so much to Silke, my wonderful agent, for the new Concert Tour Poster and special features in her well known international  Aria Magazine - if only to dream!
Warm Hugs and Sweet Kisses from your Musical Mistress - Miss-Denise - www.miss-denise.com
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2006-10-12 12:05:42 GMT
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2006-10-12 15:37:02 GMT
Denise, I feel so very honoured that you are using my little collages to introduce your wonderful new pieces of music. And I feel honoured in another way as well *blush*...
I am so very proud to be your friend...
2006-10-15 20:26:05 GMT
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