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Fame in South Korea !

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Image ImageImageWell I was checking my stats and discovered lots of new traffic from South Korea! The link is  http://planet.daum.net/ross9/ilog/3738687 which is a site launched by a beautiful sweet South Korean T-Girl - "Ross9" - with a range of both "nice" and "naughty" photos - Be warned!  Anyway, it seems that the lovely Korean girlie has posted several of my favourite photos with text that I cannot even attempt to decipher :( I'd love to email "Ross-9" to thank her for boosting my reputation in Seoul but the site is in Korean script!
Next month I'm planning another girlie photo shoot and some new classic music videos - "Dressed for the Classics". Now I'm having fun shopping in the August clearance sales for my new girlie outfits  as well as some new bridal extras - lingerie, lacy veil, & silky white purse to complete my wedding portraits Image 

Warm Hugs and Sweet Kisses - Your Musicial Diva - Miss-Denise - www.miss-denise.com ImageImageImage
2006-08-26 11:55:36 GMT
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Hmmm, you'll be looking wonderful as a bride, I am looking forward to seing you then in your pics! I wonder how you'll be dressing for the classics...

And how lovely that your pictures are going all around the world - congratulations!
2006-08-26 12:20:46 GMT
Author:Miss Denise
Well Silke, I'll try and be as beautiful bride as possible especially for you ;) Kisses Denise
2006-08-26 16:31:40 GMT
with all the gorgious out fits when do yea find time to practice music or with such good music when is ther time fer outfits? guest book is full ... so i can allways post a hug here hugs denise ..winks ...davida
2006-11-01 05:42:50 GMT
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