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  • Welcome to my Special MegaMedia Menu which celebrates Miss-Denise's 1st 100 Months On-line - March 1999 to July 2007!

  • This menu gives direct access to more than 6000 personal photos taken during numerous photo-shoots during my 8 years on the web. In addition, I've included access to more than 80 musical videos on my YouTube Channel - "Dressed for the Classics"

  • I started back in March 1999 by launching my own profile on and a couple of weeks later established my own Geocities web-site - as Transvestite Girlie Denise Hewitt! Then Kevin Holland invited me to join his www.KTMGirls.Net .

  • Later in 1999, I uploaded some Java Animations, and a few of my Personal TV Stories from my 1st public outings "en-femme". Then, a year later, I recorded my 1st, audio only, classical and upbeat musical performances in the original MIDI Format for Digital Keyboards. Again you'll find these still on-line at music-room, backed up by more recent 2005 video recordings.

  • During the last 8 years, the world has moved from Web1.0 with 28kbit/sec dial-up access and 1MegaPixel Cameras to upmarket 8Mbit/Sec BroadBand and 8MegaPixel Cameras together with High-Definition Digital Video - WOW!

  • The transition to Web2.0 now offers the global transgendered community opportunities to network on a worldwide basis. My personal site - - has received visitors from more than 184 countries during 2007, which is practically every country in the world. In addition, the statistics from the WebLog has recorded visits from more than 3500 cities across the globe. So we're ALL connected now wherever we live!

  • THANK-YOU ALL so much for visiting , and helping to make this site so special for our community, with hundreds of visitors EVERY day - continuously now for more than 3000 Days - 100 Months - since March 1999. And a very special thank-you to all those who have written personal messages to me, watched my music videos or signed my guest book!

Warm Hugs and Sweet Red Kisses - Your Devoted TV WebMistress - Miss-Denise

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